What is Green Lens?

Green Lens is a photography and video project for 16-25 year olds across Birmingham. The project is an opportunity to voice the green issues that matter to you, locally or globally through the mediums of photography and video. We are looking for submissions for the Green Lens archive from total beginners, students or aspiring professionals.

What kind of green issues can my work be about?

Your photographs or videos could be any green issue that our affects our world or the communities we live in. It just has to matter to you. It could be hard-hitting images related to plastic waste or poor air quality, or it could show positive change such as sustainable transport or recycling.

You could use several photos to tell a story, or express your opinion through short video clips. A single image can also convey a powerful message. 

Need a little inspiration? We've compiled a list of resources about environmental issues and impactful photography here. We're also running a series of free Photography As Activism workshops with leading Birmingham photographers.

How do I submit?

  • You can submit up to 6 original images and 3 video clips. Each video clip can be up to 1 minute 30 seconds long each.

  • Submissions can be created on any camera you want - mobile phones, tablets, camera or even a Polaroid. 

  • Images and video can be created at any time and any place. 

  • You must live in the wonderful city of Birmingham to take part.


Please read the Terms and Conditions before entering (they're only short!)