Photos of the exhibition

MAC (Midlands Arts Centre)
Sat 1 Sep – Sun 28 Oct

An open call for photographs and films took place, collected through an open, Birmingham-wide submission process. Eight artists were chosen to have their work exhibited at an exhibition at Midlands Art Centre which highlighted the issues that concern them most, the environmental changes they are witnessing on their own doorsteps and those that affect people and wildlife internationally. The photographs were accompanied by their own words and the stories behind the work.

Every step was taken to ensure that the materials used to develop the exhibition are from sustainable sources with the least environmental impact possible.

Photography by Stephen Burke

Green Lens_small_17.jpg
Green Lens_small_2.jpg
Green Lens_small_22.jpg
Green Lens_small_4.jpg
Green Lens_small_19.jpg
Green Lens_small_11.jpg
Green Lens_small_12.jpg